This site works to connect potential volunteers with charitable organizations around the world. Selected organizations are added to their database of volunteer opportunities which is indexed by location and objective. This service is provided free of charge to both the listed organizations and potential volunteers visiting the website.


LU       Life Unplugged - (


Self sufficiency is promoted on Life Unplugged thru green building techniques, alternative energy, organic gardening, and home income opportunities.  Traditional crafts like canning vegetables and making soap are also represented.  Begin your journey toward becoming a self sufficient modern homesteader.


Make Mead - (


Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to man; most likely because of the simplicity of production and the availability of ingredients. Find simple instructions, delicious recipes, and advanced brewing information at Make  Learn how easy it is to make mead at home.


HomeBrew Garage - (



The Homebrew Garage is a collaborative effort of three friends, and a mildly disobedient Boston Terrier, dedicated to the pursuit of quality homebrew beer.  Learn from our experience and laugh at our mistakes, welcome to the Homebrew Garage!